Healthy Brains, Healthy Bodies

There is a wealth of information available now about how our memories, thinking and other brain activities change over time. For example,

  • We know that processing information, whether this means recalling a name or planning a week long convention, takes more time as we get older.
  • We know that, even though we think a bit more slowly, we bring accumulated experience and knowledge . . . wisdom . . . to our thinking and decision making.
  • We also know that there are many ways that we can ensure that our brains and bodies will be as healthy as possible.

How do we know? Researchers have been studying memory, thinking, decision making, and physical changes for many years. Their findings can guide what we do to be healthy adults.

How can you get this information? Read the postings here. They each provide information about a specific topic, along with suggestions for further reading. The pages will describe changes and how to address these changes for our best futures.

We will add information from time to time, so visit these pages often.

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