Who Is The Age Coach?

The Age Coach: Working with Seniors for Their Future

Dr. Greenberg works as a coach, or “guide,” for seniors (and their families, when appropriate) as they consider and plan for changes in their personal and work lives.

  • In some cases, the senior is considering new directions:  new jobs, homes, or roles in the community.
  • In other cases, the senior is focused on health or memory changes that require support.

Whatever the reason for change, Cheryl helps her clients identify their desires or concerns, understand how to move forward, and make positive, proactive decisions.

Planning for your future
Caring decisions for family members
Memory improvement & healthy living
Support & information

Brief bio

Dr. Greenberg has a doctorate in educational gerontology and memory changes in older adults. She has worked with adults of all ages, presenting workshops on healthy aging, memory improvement, and age-related dementias. She has provided support for families and individuals who are in transition, and has consulted for retirement and long term care communities. She also taught and was an administrator for educational programs at UNCG, as well as private and public schools.


Dr. Greenberg has a wealth of resources to help each individual find the information and contacts that are appropriate for them as they move into their own best future.


Cheryl Greenberg, Ed.D.
Coaching for Your Future