What is “Coaching for Your Future”?

Coaching is a Conversation

Coaching is a supportive, informative, interesting . . . and fun . . . opportunity to explore your next steps.

You are the expert. You have questions, goals, curiosities, concerns, and answers.

I will be your coach. I will help you identify those questions, goals, curiosities, concerns, and answers, even if they are not yet clear enough for you, now, to be able to talk about them.

  • You are ready to make a change.
    • I am ready to help you name the change and plan your next steps.
  • You will identify what you want and need.
    • I will support your exploration by listening carefully and serving as a guide with questions and suggestions.
  • You will uncover your concerns and challenges.
    • I will be with you to help you find answers by prompting, brainstorming, empathizing, and sharing.
  • And together, we will celebrate your best future.

Coaching is a Collaboration

You and I will explore together so that you identify your new paths and take new steps.

Coaching is a Process

Coaching takes place over time. It takes time to explore and plan.

To get started, contact Cheryl for a sample session, at no cost to you, to be sure coaching is right for you and to set up a schedule for our meetings.

Cheryl Greenberg, Ed.D.
Coaching for Your Future